Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.

AKA - The Future of Supplies for Conservators and Artists

Family-owned manufacturer – Distributed through specialty retailers

As you may already know, aka – Dry Cleaning and Restoration Supplies has been a division of DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik since 1998. DOG, a mid-sized company founded in 1902, is active as an international specialist for additives and has been family-owned for over 100 years. In this spirit, the company continues to be led and developed in sound judgment. It provides a good home for aka because the family owners and the directors place high value on ensuring the sustainability of production, strengthening the sales through specialized distributors, and – if necessary – finding more partners for the remaining areas on the world map.

With the 2013 move to the location in Marschacht, in front of the gateway to Hamburg, and with the comprehensive modernization of the production facilities, the aka product development has been able to develop a new dynamic, which is reflected in the significant expansion of the product line in 2014. Our core competency continues to be our dry-cleaning product line, which we have even expanded considerably. Furthermore, the team is open to new ideas and makes use of further competence within the organization.

Moving into the Future with an Expanded Product Range

The akaextra product line is already a result of "thinking outside the box." It is not only oriented towards the needs of conservators, but also utilizes the overlap with art supplies. At first we are offering a range of basic products from the field of waxes and resins. The range will soon be expanded to include ready-to-use products, such as mixtures of various types of waxes and pastes. An additional innovative example for art supplies is the mattifying agent akaorganomatt. Feel free to take your time to browse our website. We will also gladly send you a list of distributors, just fill out the short form, which you can find in the bottom left part of each page.