Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.

Wide Range of Products and Innovations – Based on Renewable Raw Materials

The Original Product – wishab. Soft, gentle on surfaces, and effective

In 1977, a brand new and efficient dry cleaning method for surface soiling on buildings, frescos, and murals was developed: It was called wishab. The dry cleaning sponge based on renewable raw materials was met with widespread approval. As a gentle and comfortable cleaning method, it quickly became the preferred tool among conservators for the restoration of historical buildings and old churches. Soon, new applications were found for the gentle surface cleaning products: paintings, tapestries, sensitive papers, and documents. Meanwhile, the product range was supplemented by cleaning powders and blast powders.

Akachemie and DOG – Continuing to Manufacture

In 1998, Akachemie at first became a subsidiary of DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik, Hamburg, but later was integrated into the company as an independent division. It was a logical connection and integration, since DOG had been supplying the most important materials for Akachemie's cleaning sponges from the start. DOG's international operations have since then provided Akachemie with the chance to reach foreign markets as well. The recipes and production processes were perfected. An important milestone in the company's recent history was the relocation of the production of dry-cleaning product line to DOG's second site in Marschacht, which is near Hamburg and by the Elbe river. Furthermore, there was the development of the additional product lines akaorganomatt and akaextra, which are grouped together under the category of art supplies. 


akachemie begins with wishab

akachemie becomes a subsidiary of DOG, Deutsche Oelfabrik Hamburg

The product range of "wishab" is internationalized for worldwide distribution and renamed akapad, akablast, and akawipe

The akatec DuoBlaster spraying system is introduced

akaorganomatt product development begins

akabloc products developed

Development and expansion of the akaorganomatt and akaextra product lines
The prefix "aka" was taken from the earlier company name and division name "Akachemie" and turned into its own brand name. It was also given the instantly understandable slogan: "Dry Cleaning & Restoration Supplies."