Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.

For cleaning architectural surfaces, sculptures and frescos


akablast powders can be utilized in blasting equipment or high-pressure equipment and work excellently with akatec devices.

areas of application

akablast enables safe and gentle dry cleaning of:

  • Masonry
  • Sculptures
  • Wood and metal surfaces
  • Objects with several cavities
  • Paper


Materials: special filled and vulcanized latex foam. akablast hard additionally contains blue PU-flakes.
pH-Value: neutral
Shelf life: 2 years sealed in original packaging
Precautionary Measures for Application: personal protective equipment recommended
Disposal: no special procedure is required for disposing the product remains. For the substances absorbed during usage, the relevant legal requirements must be adhered to


The akablast product line is available in three particle sizes depending on the application.

Furthermore, the product line has been expanded to include akablast white fine and akablast white extra fine. These special blast powders are especially designed for processing paper products.

akablast extra fine
akablast fine
akablast hard

akablast white fine
akablast white extra fine

akablast granulate 300

NEW akablast granulate 300

akablast white granulate 300

NEW akablast white granulate 300



In order to achieve the optimal cleaning results, the correct air pressure setting should first be determined by conducting trials.

akablast can generally be used multiple times by re-circulating the powder. The surface to be processed must be dry and may not exhibit any bleeding or chalking effects.

After the application, remaining akablast particles should be removed from the surface (brushing /vacuum). If the standard available devices are not suitable, we offer specially modified equipment that has been adapted to these products.

Our Service For You:

Blasting Cabinet

You can make an appointment to use the blasting cabinet at our facilities in Marschacht in order to test all of our akatec blasting devices.

Length: 200 cm
Height: 115 cm
Width: 100 cm