Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.

The Classic – new varieties, self-cleaning, versatile


akatissue is a new development in the field of dry cleaning products resulting from the demands of numerous conservators.

As opposed to the classic sponges, sensitive surfaces can be cleaned without rubbing. Instead, they can be cleaned especially gently with a light dabbing motion, thus reducing the direct friction from the wiping motion.

Additionally, similar to the new sponge akapad white pure, a high value was placed on using as few components as possible in the recipe. Therefore, this product can be utilized in situations where it is important to have especially low amounts of residue, such as when processing sensitive documents and paintings. The akatissue consists of a thin, flexible active layer without a grip, enabling the tissue to be handled in a manner of one’s choosing and specifically to be used for hard to reach places.

areas of application

akatissue can be utilized for the special, gentle, and effective cleaning of:

  • Sensitive documents
  • Sculptures and frescoes
  • Pictures and paintings

Note: See the table on page 4 for details.


Place the akatissue on the surface to be treated and place pressure on selected points. Move over the surface to be treated, softly dabbing. For sculptures and frescoes with uneven surfaces, holes, and niches, if necessary, akatissue can be cut to exactly the right size or rolled up so that every corner of the object can be cleaned to the greatest extent.


Materials: akatissue is purely mechanically molded using a special chlorine-free and sulfur-free factice. Almost no other additives are used in the process. In the end, the thin tissues are completely vulcanized and formed.
Dimensions: 88 x 88 x 5 mm (L x B x H)
pH-Value: neutral
Shelf life: 2 years sealed in original packaging
Precautionary Measures for the Product: none required
Precautionary Measures for Application: varying depending on the degree of soiling and the condition of the surface to be cleaned.
Disposal: no special procedure is required for disposing the product remains. For the substances absorbed during usage, the relevant legal requirements must be adhered to.


The non-abrasive akapad product line “classic” is available in four degrees of hardness. Together with the special products in the akapad product line “sensitive” – akapad white (available in two degrees of hardness) and akapad flexible – these dry cleaning sponges provide optimal results for every kind of surface.

akatissue white soft

NEW akatissue white soft


akatissue white soft

Artikel-No. 404145
Packaging unit: 10 tissues/carton