Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.

For Dry Cleaning Sensitive Surfaces – Gentle and Effective


The akawipe dry cleaning powders are very finely ground, cross-linked native oils combined with specially selected additives. A sulfur-free and chlorine-free cross-linked castor oil is utilized for the white versions of akawipe. The powders absorb impurities such as dust or soot very well.

For akawipe white, special cross-linked native oils are employed in combination with individually selected additives.

areas of application

akawipe is a special development for dry cleaning and removing soot from:

  • Historic writings
  • Documents
  • Technical drawings
  • Books
  • Textiles


Disperse the akawipe on the object to be cleaned and, wearing a cloth glove, rub the powder over the surface until it has absorbed the dirt. For thin surfaces lying flat, a rotary sander with soft felt discs may be utilized at a slow speed after careful testing. However, one must be cautious not to apply too much pressure.

During the cleaning work, new powder should be inserted at regular intervals, as soon as the dirt-absorption capacity has been reached.

Note: It is critical that the surfaces to be cleaned are completely dry and do not exhibit any bleeding or chalking effects.


Materials: especially finely milled cross-linked native oils combined with individually selected additives. For the white akawipe varieties, a sulfur-free and chlorine-free cross-linked castor oil is employed.
pH-Value: neutral to slightly alkaline
Shelf life: 2 years sealed in original packaging
Precautionary Measures for the Product: none required
Precautionary Measures for Application: varying depending on the degree of soiling and the condition of the surface to be cleaned.
Disposal: If the product is uncontaminated, the remaining amount can be disposed with normal household waste. For substances absorbed during usage, the relevant legal requirements must be adhered to.


The akawipe product line is available as a beige wiping powder and as a white powder especially for cleaning paper.

akawipe soft
akawipe hard
akawipe white